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Committee Objectives

As the community has grown in popularity throughout the years, our objectives have broadened to our embrace our diverse membership. In recent years, trends like off shoring and outsourcing, the power of the internet making global relationships a real possibility, and the overnight expansion of a highly skilled European workforce, the industry here in Ireland has changed so rapidly. Couple this with the shortage of graduate developers coming in to the work force, if things are not instigated to address these events, then we could be heading for some very difficult times ahead, despite our governments best efforts to transform our economy to one of knowledge. Even with the economic landscape so different today than it was in 2001, our mission has remained fundamentally unchanged from that of John and Kieran's when they first began the group. That is to
  • Foster a culture of Knowledge and Education for participants in the sector.
  • Provide inspiration to software professionals regardless of their career level - this includes our students.
  • Encourage people to become involved in the community and dedicated to strengthening the appeal of software development as a career.
  • Promote the excellence of the Irish software industry – the companies, the products and the people.
  • Influence inward investment to the Irish software industry, and outward opportunities for our software businesses leading to job creation and business opportunities, securing the future for Irish software industry participants.
The purpose of our committee is to ensure that our manifesto is delivered and that we continue adding the enormous benefits that knowledge and training gives to you, and the software industry in which we all work.