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Java Symposium - Save $200 IRISHDEV

Time09:00:13 Phone
DateWednesday, March 17, 2010 Web
VenueLas Vegas, USA Email



Buy Your Ticket Today for Java Symposium & Save $200 Using Booking Code IRISHDEV 



With the economy still challenging development pros to produce mission-critical software quickly, the Java community continues to seek the most effective ways to accelerate the production of software that can have an immediate impact on an organization's bottom line. Infrastructure projects and strategic initiatives such as content management are out. Far fewer of us are working on packaged apps such as SAP and Oracle, which are also more strategic in nature. This means that veteran developers are being taken from known technologies and thrust into quick-hitting projects that can involve unfamiliar architectures and technologies, making the need to get up to speed on these technologies fast.



All this coupled with ongoing change - especially with the acquisition of Sun by Oracle and SpringSource by VMware - means that an air of uncertainty is felt over the industry as a whole. Change can be good but rumors and unanswered questions still abound. This makes the need for specific, proven advice on exactly what tools, techniques, and frameworks can truly empower you to build complex distributed apps quickly a paramount concern. So where can you turn for help without breaking the bank?



TheServerSide Java Symposium is guaranteed to give you expert answers from the world's most recognized Java pundits in a relaxed, intimate environment packed with your peers - but where you have plenty of time to interact face-to-face with all our speakers. You won't be treated like just another face in the crowd, mixed in with a bunch of newbies looking for free vendor trinkets or to get hired by a competitor. Access to our experts and the ability to interact with those facing the same challenges that you're up against (share success stories and lessons learned!) makes TheServerSide Java Symposium the most effective resource available today for acquiring the critical skills needed to complete development jobs on time and under budget. All this while keeping your skill set - and career - moving forward. We stand by our commitment to this and to you or your money back. Guaranteed. No questions asked.



Register now to take part in over 45 sessions across 5 focused tracks:



Dive deep into the latest features of Spring, Struts, Google Web Toolkit, Wicket and more frameworks. Evaluate each framework's sweet spots according to your unique needs and make an informed decision for your next project.


Architecture and SOA

Examine approaches to architecture that perform and scale, including SOA, REST, JMS and OSGi. Discover proven SOA design strategies, use of ESBs, and emerging applications of SOA for complex problems, such as event processing.



Hear expert recommendations on the use of Java and complimentary languages in practicle, including Groovy, Scala and JRuby, and new Java language standards like JavaFX and EJB 3.1.

Tools & Techniques

Dissect the latest tools to design and build high-quality applications. Take home tips for building an effective set of tools and using those tools in the most productive manner possible to create a comprehensive development and build infrastructure.


NEW! Cloud:

Independent experts reveal innovative application architectures for development using cloud approaches. Whether you're already up and running or just starting to investigate cloud computing, you discover how to analyze and test applications and application components in the cloud, development challenges unique to the cloud, and more.



ROUNDUP330.pngAlso new this year, TheServerSide Presents TheClientSide is a unique mini-conference offering sessions geared specifically towards client-side development, covering Ajax, JSF, Flash/Flex, JavaFX and more to address the needs of advanced developers.



In addition to dozens of leading Java experts, brings in keynote speakers who are major players in the Java ecosystem, including Bob Brewin, CTO of Sun Microsystems, David Chappell, creator of the ESB and Chief Technologist for SOA at Oracle Corporation, and Rod Johnson, Creator of Spring



See speakers like Jeff Genender & Eugene Ciurana who spoke at this year Irish Software Show, epicenter 2009 and Scott Davis and Heath Kesler who will travel to Ireland this June.



For more information, visit the Java Symposium website or book now here


Use Booking Code ( IRISHDEV ) to Receive €200 off the ticket price.






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