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IOS Development Overview

Time17:30:59 Phone
DateTuesday, April 30, 2013 Web
VenueEngine Yard Offices, Barrow St, D4 Email


IOS Development Overview




As we discussed, we will do IOS development course from beginning level to advanced level. The next meetup will focus on IOS development with the following topics:


1. Introducing IOS development environment and xcode.


2. General overview of Objective C.


3. Handling basic interaction

     a) Introduce IOS model view controller framework

     b) Looking at the view controller

     c) Looking at the application delegate


4. Introduce Table views

     a) Table view basics

     b) Implementing a simple table

     c) Customizing table view cells

     d) Grouped and indexed sections.


5. Introducing Navigation controllers and table views.


6. General IOS Networking overview.


7. General Overview IOS file systems



We will expand each of the sections in future meet up. It does not expect you know objective C. But it's better if you have some basic knowledge of programming in general. Edward Yang and I will deliver the above topic. Edward has been developing for IOS since the first version of IPhone.



I have 3 Mac pro available for the course at the moment. We will provide IPAD, IPhone and IPad mini for testing. But if you have MAC or IPhone/Ipad, please bring it with the course.



The course is free.







Information & Registration



EVENT: IOS Development Overview
DATE & TIME: 30th April 2013 / 17:30
VENUE: Engine Yard Offices, Barrow Street, Dublin 4


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