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JavaScript from Ground-Up Workshop

Time09:30:18 Phone01 675 9777
DateMonday, February 03, 2014
VenueTCube, Castle St, Dublin 2 Email


JavaScript from Ground-Up Workshop – Day 2


JavaScript demand is increasing. The average salary for jobs that cited JavaScript over the 3 months to 2 July 2013, compared to a year previously, increased by €2300, or 5.33%. [Source:]



JavaScript is the programming language of the future!



Not only is it the web's most widespread programming language, it is increasingly used outside the web too. Server-side applications are written in JavaScript with node.js; databases such as MongoDB store and access data using JSON and JavaScript; Windows 8 has JavaScript support at its core; FirefoxOS brings JavaScript to inexpensive mobile phones.

And yet JavaScript remains a difficult language to learn well. Its potholes and hurdles can lead to frustration debugging a program that doesn't work.



Following in from day-one of JavaScript from the Ground Up, (Monday 27th January) trainer Peter Munro will present day-two of the workshop, which will take you from minimal JavaScript knowledge to building working web applications.

Having learnt the very basics, like syntax, data types and control flow, Peter will show you how to to build applications in JavaScript, and you'll get plenty of practice in class, with help available. We'll also understand how to gain confidence that our application works by utilising unit testing.



Topics of the Two-Day Course Include

  • Introduction & Getting Started
  • The JavaScript Language
  • Data Types
  • Expressions
  • Control Flow
  • Arrays
  • Functions, Callbacks and Closures
  • Scope & Hoisting
  • Objects
  • Object Inheritance
  • Unit Testing
  • The Browser: The BOM, the DOM, events & AJAX


On completion of this course, you will:

  • Be familiar with JavaScript's core language constructs
  • Have written a variety of simple JavaScript applications
  • Be able to write your own JavaScript functions and programs and invoke them
  • Understand how JavaScript relates and interacts with the browser BOM, DOM and XML
  • Http Request objects




Familiarity with another programming language is recommended, such as Java, C# or Ruby.




Catering for people at all levels, day 2 of JavaScript from Ground Up can be booked as either a one-day or two-day workshop.


If you're new to programming then book the first day now on 27th January and then this second day after you've seen how you get on - details here



If you're an experienced developer, but new to JavaScript, book either the two day workshop starting on 27th January or step straight in to this second day of the workshop using the link below.



Prices for either one-day or two days are exceptional value, helping you harness the power and flexibility of JavaScript and the ability to produce excellent functions and programs. (includes refreshments and lunch)







Information & Registration

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EVENT: JavaScript from the Ground-up - Day 2
DATE & TIME: 3rd February 2014 / 09:30 - 17:30
VENUE: TCube, Phoenix House, Castle St, Dublin 2






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