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Whiskey App Wins Phone Prize

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DateWednesday, May 16, 2012
AuthorWannita Phanchana

Whiskey App Wins Phone Prize  

Whiskey App Sinks The Competition To Celebrate The Launch of Software Developers’ Hub With JamPot Technologies



Josh Holmes (Microsoft Ireland) and Mark McCann (JamPot Technologies) present David Havelin a Nokia Lumia 800 for winning the best app built using TheAppBuilder competition, at the launch of TCube in Dublin.

The Irish Software Developers' Network recently hosted the Irish leg of Mashable's Let's Talk Tech global event at TCube in Dublin, the HQ of Irish Software Developer's Network.



The keynote speaker at the event was Michael Barr, Chief Operating Officer of JamPot Technologies, the Belfast based mobile software firm which is taking the mobile phone app building industry by storm with the launch of its flagship product, The AppBuilder



Speaking about the launch of TCube Barr said; "It's brilliant that software developers now have a place to meet, share ideas and attend training events in Dublin. The Irish Software Developers' Network has provided a facility which will help foster the very obvious developer talent pool which exists in Ireland and accelerate the development of world class software applications."



Barr's company began as an idea only a year ago and is now being acclaimed by major industry commentators as a game changer as it has brought mobile phone app creation to the masses. ‘TheAppBuilder' enables anyone - individuals and organizations - to build an app in minutes for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone, and for a fraction of the cost of traditional app development.



Barr explains "We set out to revolutionise the old approach where businesses could spend up to £10,000 or more on creating a mobile app for a single platform - far beyond the reach of many small businesses, community organisations and individuals." Barr continued, "The beauty of TheAppBuilder is that it has been designed for non-techies to create and update their own apps in minutes. It can be downloaded for free to a desktop computer, and when the user is ready to publish an app, they can have it published to Apple's iTunes App Store, Google Play and Windows Phone Marketplace. TheAppBuilder also enables users to make as many updates as they like to the app on an ongoing basis."


Present at the TCube event, which was streamed around the world as part of Mashable's Let's Talk Tech global meet-up event, were software professionals using the new facility for the first time. To celebrate, Microsoft Ireland kindly donated the prize of a brand new Nokia Lumia 800 which runs the Windows Phone mobile operating system, to the best app built by an audience member using TheAppBuilder. The winner was David Havelin, pictured with Josh Holmes of Microsoft Ireland and Mark McCann of JamPot Technologies, for his Irish Whiskey Notes app.






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