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Dublin City Council to Save €250k

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DateMonday, May 11, 2009


Dublin City Council holds numerous meetings each month, from the main council meeting involving some 52 councillors, down to multiple sub-committees which take place across Dublin's five sub-areas. Each meeting had previously cost between €2,500 and €3,000 in printing and courier costs as agendas and supporting materials were produced and sent out.



Dublin City Council Will Save €200k By Making Meetings Paperless

Thanks to a new Microsoft SharePoint-based collaboration solution that  has developed for the City Council, when the newly-elected council takes office in June, all council committee meetings will be paper-free leading to a monthly saving of at least €15,000 in material, labour and environmental gains.



The new City Council Meeting Site solution, developed by Belfast headquarted Kainos, will enable meeting agendas and supporting documentation to be circulated and shared electronically over a secure intranet before and during meetings. As well as dispensing with the need for paper documents, this dramatically shortens the process involved in preparing and circulating content.



"These figures are a conservative estimate, and relate solely to the money we'll be saving on printing and distributing documents in advance of meetings," noted Oliver Douglas, Senior Staff Officer, Councillors IT Support at Dublin City Council.


Hailing the project a great success, Oliver noted that the implementation time had been impressively short, with Phase 1 of the project (addressing City Council meetings) deployed within 3-4 months of initial discussions.



He said, "Kainos went through the entire meeting process with us, to understand where we could achieve the greatest gains, and from this developed a prototype. It was important to us to deal with a supplier that understands the special requirements of public sector organisations."


"For example, councillors are not full-time employees, so require any technology solutions to be very easy to use, he explained."



Even so, it is understood that some councillors are having difficulty adopting the changes, despite the substantial savings to council expenditure and to the environment.



Phase 2 will address Dublin's numerous sub-committee meetings. It will transform the meeting experience for some 200 users and, approaching completion, paperless meetings are now being trialled.



"As well as the considerable cost savings, sharing and viewing documents online, both before and during meetings, is much more efficient and addresses our environmental targets too," Oliver concluded. "We're very happy with what Kainos has achieved. As well as developing a solution that has addressed our exact needs, it has been invaluable having regular access to an on-site consultant during the development phase."




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