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EI Launch iGAP for Internet Co's

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DateTuesday, September 29, 2009

EI Launch iGAP for Internet Co's

Internet Growth Acceleration Programme (iGAP) to help Internet Related Companies Win New Business Opportunities



Jennifer Condon Enterprise IrelandIreland's growing number of internet related companies are set to receive a major boost to their growth development prospects with the launch of the Internet Growth Acceleration Programme (iGAP). Developed by Enterprise Ireland in association with the Internet Growth Alliance (a business led initiative supporting the international growth of Irish e-businesses) this new Programme for high potential Internet companies will provide them with the tools and skills to develop and execute aggressive international growth plans and scale their business.




The focus of the Internet Growth Acceleration Programme is on Internet related companies with global growth potential and the ability to meet critical growth milestones. The Programme design is specifically geared to add significant strategic and business value to companies in both B2B and B2C markets with practical learning modules, support from implementation coaches, access to business advisors and industry networking. Industry experts and experienced Internet entrepreneurs will cover topics including monetizing the business, revenue models, marketing, customer acquisition and retention and preparation for funding - all key elements of a business strategy for growing Internet companies.



Speaking at the launch, Jennifer Condon, Manager of Enterprise Ireland's Software Division, who recently presented Enterprise Ireland's 4 year software strategy at the Irish Software Show, epicenter, said, "Enterprise Ireland's new Software Strategy, as part of the Government's Smart Economy blueprint, sets out to develop and grow a thriving set of high-value, innovative, research-intensive Irish Software companies. The aim of the software strategy is to position Ireland's software industry to maximise its opportunities in the "New Software Economy". This New Software Economy is driven by the growth of the Internet and changes in the software value chain. It is characterised by user demand for greater flexibility, global delivery and cost effective solutions."



Ms Condon continued, "The Internet is providing opportunities for new business models as seen in Internet based start-ups and new delivery channels such as Software as a Service. These new business models favour flexible, innovative SMEs by giving them access to international markets via the Internet. The Internet Growth Acceleration Programme aims to position Irish Internet related companies to maximise their potential in this new market environment and is specifically designed to address the needs of innovative companies specifically those developing Web 2.0 type applications."



Speaking on behalf of the Internet Growth Alliance, Colm Lyon, CEO of Realex Payments and founder of the Internet Growth Alliance said, "The development of the Internet Growth Acceleration Programme is a great example of industry wide collaboration at work. All the stakeholders in the Irish Internet Industry believe in the opportunity and the global potential the internet has to offer Irish businesses. With all the relevant industry associations and some key business advisors working together we see the emergence of a very important building block - the iGAP. This programme will give Irish internet entrepreneurs access to worldwide and local expertise. It is comprehensive, focused and intensive in its construction. In addition it will offer Irish Internet Entrepreneurs the opportunity to meet and get to know many other people in the same industry - both experienced and emerging."


Lyon added, "The business advisors of the Internet Growth Alliance are delighted with the development and look forward to working with both Enterprise Ireland and the participating businesses as we identify and support Irish Internet businesses that will scale globally."



This programme is a core part of Enterprise Ireland's recently launched four-year strategy for the Irish software industry, which aims to drive the sector's revenues to over €2.5bn by 2013 by capitalising on changes in the global software market.



Outlining the importance of the Internet sector in this strategy, Jennifer Condon went on to say, "Internet based businesses will form an increasingly significant part of Ireland's Software sector. Enterprise Ireland is working closely with our industry partners, in particular the Internet Growth Alliance, the Irish Software Association and the Irish Internet Association, to bring about sustainable change and growth in the sector. This programme is one of a number of initiatives to support these Internet companies in their drive to develop their businesses and grow globally."


Recruitment for the Programme, which starts in November, is now underway. Visit




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